miscellaneous-property-liabilityProtect your Collectibles with PAL’s Collectibles Insurance.

Why insure your Collectibles?
Most personal property that can be easily replaced is covered by a homeowners insurance policy. But for those collections that may have taken years to assemble, a homeowners policy does not go far enough in protecting prized collectibles.

Why insure your Collectibles with PAL?
PAL is Canada’s leading Specialty Insurance Broker. PAL specializes in niche insurance, which is why we decided to create a policy for items that are special to you, such as Collectibles. You can trust PAL to provide comprehensive coverage for your collectibles at great rates.

What can be covered under a PAL Collectibles policy?
Almost anything that you can collect, we can protect.
Examples: advertising memorabilia, books, comics, coins, ceramics, dolls, fine arts, jewelry, musical instruments, wine, sports memorabilia, and much more.


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