Self-Serve Policies

Contents In Storage

If you have goods stored in a reputable storage facility, please see our Contents in Storage application.

If you want to insure against the unexpected for your event, please see our Event Cancellation application event-cancellation

exhibitor-liabilitywide If you are having a booth, kiosk or table at an event, please see our Exhibitor Liability application.

If you want to insure your liability as an event planner, please see our Event Organizer application. event-planner

If you are looking for Liquor Liability coverage with no CGL, please see our Liquor Liablity Only application. Liquor Liability

Party Alcohol Liability

If you need HLL and CGL coverage, please see our Party Alcohol Liability application.

If you are hired to perform at an event, please see our Performer Liability application. performerwide


If you need to insure property in your care, custody or control, please see our Miscellaneous Property application.

Golf HIO

A Hole in One contest can represent a very lucrative marketing opportunity for any organization. 

Rating available per participant! Fantastic rates for smaller groups starting at 40 participants.
Rating available for standard yardage (160 yards), shorter yardage, and longer yardage (180+ yards). 

Prize Indemnity HIO If you need to insure the prize you offer, please see our Prize Indemnity application.

If you need to insure a graduation ceremony, please see our Safe Grad application. Safe Grad

Server If you are hired to serve alcohol at the event, please see our Server Liability application.

If you need CGL coverage  with or without HLL extension for a multi day event, please see our Special Events Liability application. Special Events Liability

Weddinguard If you need to insure your wedding, please see our Weddinguard application.

If your wedding takes place outside of Canada (destination wedding), underwriters must review your request prior to acceptation. Please click on the following link to complete manual application. Please print, complete and forward to our office my e-mail or fax. Response will be provided within 3 business days.

*Special exclusion: Any cancellation due to hurricane forced wind during the months of August, September and October for weddings taking place on the Coast of Georgia and Florida (east of 95 Hwy) and the Caribbean is excluded.

Liability for Caterers

This program provides coverage in the event that someone gets sick while eating your food, injures themselves if they trip over a piece of your equipment, or someone gets scalded by a hot dish and decide to hold you responsible and take you to court.
Our policy will respond to defend you in a court of law, should someone bring a suit against you for these types of injuries.

Protect your Collectibles with PAL’s Collectibles Insurance.


Prize Indemnity Hockey Scoro Lucky participant(s) gets to shoot a puck from centre line or the far blue line into the target opening for a grand prize OR participant(s) gets the chance to shoot 20 pucks in 20 seconds into the open net from centre ice for the prize.